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  • posted byJohn Barker
  • dateNovember 11, 2021
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After a two-year hiatus, we are delighted to announce the relaunching of UTP’s Teaching Culture blog. We are mindful of the incredible challenges and changes that have occurred and/or intensified since our last post: a global pandemic, a renewed social justice movement, and increasingly devastating climate shifts, among much else. Instructors and students alike have had to adopt radically new teaching and learning strategies in response. In the face of these challenges, anthropology offers insights into the diverse ways humans societies experience change and the possibilities for creating a more just, safe, and sustainable world.

When she established this blog in 2012, former UTP Anthropology Editor, Anne Brackenbury, summed up her vision for the website as follows:

We bring to the table a group of dedicated people with considerable publishing experience, a commitment to producing course texts that support teaching but also make significant scholarly contributions, a stubborn respect for the power of text and the book as a form, and an open attitude to redefining the role that books play in today’s undergraduate classroom. We anticipate discussions that will touch on many different strategies that may have nothing to do with books. Our hope is that in understanding your teaching challenges, we can develop a fresh, relevant, and creative anthropology publishing program to support you and your students.

Our vision remains the same. Over the past nine years, we have added 16 new titles to the series, expanding not only into new regions and subjects but innovative ways of conceiving and presenting ethnographies that excite and engage students. This blog has contributed to that growth as participants share classroom experiences, challenge conventions, and explore novel possibilities. We look forward to continuing the conversation.

Watch this site for announcements about new contributions to the book series as well as author interviews and updates on previous publications. We welcome your reflections and commentaries on the challenges of writing compelling and accessible ethnographies for today’s undergraduate students and strategies for effectively employing them along with other media to enhance learning. And we very much encourage you to share your thoughts about future contributions to this and related series.

John Barker, Series Editor, University of British Columbia

Carli Hansen, Anthropology Editor, University of Toronto Press

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