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Teaching Anthropology: A Graduate Seminar

There is no way to tackle the depth and complexity of teaching in one blog posting, nor would I be qualified to do so. Instead, here I’d like to offer my experience of designing, executing, and revising my Teaching Anthropology graduate seminar. My goal is to share resources and perspectives to contribute to the growing interest in talking about teaching in Anthropology. read more…

  • dateSeptember 11, 2014
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  • posted byJill Fleuriet
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You’ve Only Got One Shot: Teaching Introductory Anthropology

“You’ve only got one shot” is what I continuously say to myself when planning for, and teaching, Introduction to Anthropology. If you pardon the military metaphor, you’ll find that there are truly solid and compelling reasons to treat Intro with missionary zeal… read more…

  • dateFebruary 24, 2014
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  • posted bySarah Mahler
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Teaching “Collaboration” While Trying to Do It

How do you teach a course on collaboration that addresses the long history of the process in the discipline, and gets at what is new about its most recent incarnations? More significant still: How do you teach what is so important about the idea of collaboration in anthropology today, while also addressing the complex practicalities involved in trying to actually make it happen? read more…

  • dateNovember 1, 2013
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  • posted byAndrew Walsh
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Eating Culture: Sample Student Assignments for the Anthropology of Food

For those of you teaching courses on the anthropology of food, or food studies courses of any kind, we’re very pleased to share two potential student assignments with you. These were used by the author of Eating Culture, Gillian Crowther, in her second-year undergraduate course in the spring of 2013. They are extracted directly from her syllabus for the course, which focused on BC Lower Mainland food culture. read more…

  • dateOctober 7, 2013
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  • posted byAnna
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Author Interview: Gillian Crowther

We are very excited about the imminent release of Gillian Crowther’s new book, Eating Culture: An Anthropological Guide to Food. In advance of its publication, we would like to share this short interview with the author, in which she shares her inspiration for writing the book, her approach to teaching her own anthropology of food course, and what she enjoys most about teaching. read more…

  • dateSeptember 30, 2013
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  • posted byGillian Crowther
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