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ethnoGRAPHIC: Extending Anthropology’s Reach, One Comic at a Time

Part of my job as an editor is to convince people to write the books I think they should write, not necessarily the ones they want to write. I’ve had some success doing so, even in the face of laughter, eye rolling, and outright rejection. In fact, some of the best books I have published came from authors who had originally put up the most resistance to my pitch. So perhaps it’s not surprising that I thought I could launch a new book series based on what some might call a wacky idea, without an academic series editor, and with no projects in hand. read more…

  • dateNovember 1, 2017
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Unflattening Scholarship with Comics

For this post, We sat down with Nick Sousanis to talk about the challenges and benefits of making a stronger connection between comics, scholarship, and pedagogy in higher education. Nick defended his comic dissertation last spring at Columbia’s Teacher College and the published book, Unflattening, is being published by Harvard University Press this month. read more…

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