Sharing Syllabi: Queer Anthropology

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  • dateJanuary 17, 2014
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Tom Boellstorff, Professor in the Department of Anthropology at UC Irvine, shares the syllabus for his Winter 2014 graduate course, Anthropology 252a: Queer Anthropology.

This course is currently being offered (if everything is on schedule, the students should be working their way through Foucault this week) and runs through to mid-March. The list of course texts is extensive, and is supplemented by a long and well-curated selection of articles and book chapters. If you are interested in teaching queer anthropology at either the graduate or undergraduate level, this syllabus would be a great place to start when looking for reading suggestions.

Download and read the syllabus here.

We’re definitely looking forward to finding out how the course goes this semester and how things might change for future offerings.

If you have suggestions for other resources or readings for a course on queer anthropology or a related topic, please use the comment box below or send us a Tweet.

Many thanks to Dr. Boellstorff for sharing his syllabus!

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