internet cafeSharing Syllabi: Anthropology of the Internet (Updated)

Last year, we shared the syllabus for a great new course at the University of New Hampshire: Anthropology of the Internet, taught by Svetlana Peshkova, Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology. This course has changed substantially since it was first offered, and we are pleased to be able to share an updated syllabus... read more...

  • Sharing Syllabi: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

    Years ago (in 1997, to be exact), University of Toronto Press published a short ethnography by Anne Meneley entitled Tournaments of Value: Sociability and Hierarchy in a Yemeni Town. This book continues to be assigned as required reading in anthropology courses around the world, and we are pleased to be able to share the syllabus for an introductory cultural anthropology course, taught by Dr. Leo Coleman, in which the book is currently being used. read more...

    • DateSeptember 30, 2014
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  • Learning to Teach Anthropology

    I have had the privilege of being taught by some amazing, thoughtful, and supportive people during my undergraduate and graduate training at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Dr. Jill Fleuriet is one of those inspirational teachers, so when I matriculated into the MA program in the spring of 2011 and saw she would be running the Teaching Anthropology seminar, I jumped at the opportunity to learn about teaching from her. Three years out, I’m happy to take this opportunity to reflect on how Dr. Fleuriet’s Teaching Anthropology course has played an integral part in my development as a teacher. read more...

    • DateSeptember 15, 2014
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    • posted byWill Robertson
  • Teaching Anthropology: A Graduate Seminar

    There is no way to tackle the depth and complexity of teaching in one blog posting, nor would I be qualified to do so. Instead, here I'd like to offer my experience of designing, executing, and revising my Teaching Anthropology graduate seminar. My goal is to share resources and perspectives to contribute to the growing interest in talking about teaching in Anthropology. read more...

    • DateSeptember 11, 2014
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