Top 20Making the AAA Manageable: The Teaching Culture Top 20

Here's our list of the top 20 sessions to attend at the 2014 AAA in Washington, DC. The list reflects our own interest in storytelling, creative ethnography, publishing, and teaching, with a few rogue selections thrown in for good measure. read more...

  • Engaging Large Classes with Professor Deborah Moon

    This is the second in a series of blog postings by the Anthropology Teaching Forum (ATF) at the University of Texas, San Antonio. The first post introduced the ATF and its goal of building a strong teaching culture to match the research focus of the graduate program. This post offers a summary of a recent ATF meeting in which guest speaker Deb Moon provided creative ideas for teaching in large classroom environments. read more...

    • DateNovember 25, 2014
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    • posted byLeah McCurdy
  • The Power of Two

    Well, we're now officially toddlers. It's been two fun, stressful, sometimes frustrating, and often exhilarating years of the Teaching Culture blog. And I’m hoping that given the speed of life online we’re actually older than we appear (has anyone worked out the online years vs. human years equation yet?). We came at this as book people, not bloggers, so we don't claim any expertise about blogging or tweeting, and like any toddler, we have a lot to learn about pacing ourselves. But even if the road ahead is filled with challenges, we also know that we’ve come a long way. We’ve gone from zero to being able to walk (running is another matter), and I think we may even be starting to find our voice(s) as well. So we’re taking a few moments out to celebrate where we’ve been before we sharpen the focus on where we are headed, and what we still want to accomplish. read more...

    • DateNovember 17, 2014
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    • posted byAnne
  • A Teacher’s Review of Ancestral Lines: The Maisin of Papua New Guinea and the Fate of the Rainforest

    I have taught Ancestral Lines: The Maisin of Papua New Guinea and the Fate of the Rainforest by John Barker every semester since it came out in 2008. Without hesitation, it is my favourite teaching ethnography. Allow me to share with you how I teach with it... read more...

    • DateNovember 11, 2014
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    • posted byThomas McIlwraith
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