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Interrogating the Concept of Categories – an Interview with Lochlann Jain

Stanford University anthropologist and artist, Lochlann Jain, speaks with Anne Brackenbury (former editor at University of Toronto Press who launched the ethnoGRAPHIC Series) to talk about Jain’s new book, Things That Art: A Graphic Menagerie of Enchanting Curiosity. This debut … read more…

  • dateOctober 1, 2019
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What Students Deserve in a Textbook

With the recent release of Through the Lens of Cultural Anthropology, we asked author Laura Tubelle de González to talk about her new textbook, and her hopes for its use in the classroom. Here, González discusses what inspired her, why … read more…

  • dateAugust 22, 2019
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  • posted byAnna
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Five Years of Teaching Culture

Five years ago this fall we launched an experiment. As an editor at a university press, with an interest in ethnographic methods and a mandate for publishing teaching-oriented texts, I wanted to connect with a community of people that wasn’t always easy to find. That community included anthropologists who wanted to think through their research differently and publish for a broader audience, as well as those who were particularly interested in finding new ways to engage their students. We decided we would start a blog: Teaching Culture, after the name of our teaching-oriented ethnography series. read more…

  • dateDecember 21, 2017
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Sharing Syllabi: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Years ago (in 1997, to be exact), University of Toronto Press published a short ethnography by Anne Meneley entitled Tournaments of Value: Sociability and Hierarchy in a Yemeni Town. This book continues to be assigned as required reading in anthropology courses around the world, and we are pleased to be able to share the syllabus for an introductory cultural anthropology course, taught by Dr. Leo Coleman, in which the book is currently being used. read more…

  • dateSeptember 30, 2014
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Anthropology, Food, and Sustainability: Growing a Sense of Place on Campus

Look out across the grassy circle that serves as San Diego Miramar College’s campus center, and you won’t see very many students. Like many community colleges, ours is a commuter campus. Students drive to school, attend class, and more likely than not, hurry off to work, to pick up children from school, or to a class at another local college. As a professor of cultural anthropology, I’m interested in communities. As a sustainability leader on campus, I’m interested in my campus community in particular… read more…

  • dateOctober 16, 2013
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  • posted byLaura Gonzalez
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