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Anthropological Horizons: An Interview with Series Editor Michael Lambek

In addition to all of the work we do in the Higher Education Division of University of Toronto Press to publish materials for undergraduate anthropology students—especially the Teaching Culture series of classroom ethnographies—we are fortunate to work alongside colleagues in our Scholarly Publishing Division who have as their focus the publication of new scholarship. In the lead-up to this week’s annual meeting of the Canadian Anthropology Society / Société canadienne d’anthropologie, we would like to highlight one of our colleagues’ most important series: Anthropological Horizons. In this interview, UTP Scholarly’s current Acquisition Editor for Social Sciences, Douglas Hildebrand, discusses the origins and the major contributions to Anthropological Horizons with the series editor, Michael Lambek (Canada Research Chair in the Anthropology of Ethical Life at the University of Toronto). read more…

  • dateMay 11, 2015
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Happy International Anthropology Day!

We thought that February 19th—National Anthropology Day—should be a day for thinking about not just what anthropology has been but what it might become. And so we invited the Centre for Imaginative Ethnography to talk a little about who they are and what they do in supporting a more creative ethnographic practice. Because we can all stand to be more imaginative about the work we do. read more…

  • dateFebruary 19, 2015
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