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  • dateNovember 26, 2012
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We’re energized here after the AAA meetings in San Francisco! The UTP booth was a veritable hive of activity with authors, friends, and those new to Press stopping by to chat. It was great to see you all, and to hear that you not only like what we’re doing, but that you find it useful as well.

The Made in Madagascar book giveaway (the latest book in our Teaching Culture Ethnography Series) was a huge success. While the free wine flowing in the aisle next to us took precedence, people eventually made their way over to us and were more than happy to get a free book. If interest in the Series is any indication of current trends, I would say that the desire for teachable and publicly engaged ethnographies is definitely on the upswing.

As well, yours truly was the winner of the unofficial Cengage “best shoes for a publisher at the AAA” award. I’m gratified, of course, especially since my shoes defnitely veer towards the “sensible” end of the spectrum. I guess style and substance really can go together.

We look forard to Chicago next year and a busy year of publishing between now and then.

Anne Brackenbury


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