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Cat’s Cradles, Diamond Jenness, and a Non-Traditional Approach to Writing a Four-Field Anthropology Textbook

When I begin writing a textbook (I am now working on my fifth), I typically begin by writing down ideas from my first class of the semester. I do not look at how authors of similar books write their introductions (that’s for later on, when I am checking what I might have missed). I play an anthropological John Nash, the “crazy” mathematician… read more…

  • dateSeptember 19, 2013
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  • posted byJohn Steckley
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The Book Price Enigma

Books add meaning to our lives. They are avenues of learning, research, escape, empathy, and connection, and this is a wonderful thing to support and nurture. This is why people work in publishing—to help build and shape intellectual and creative endeavor. Most of us aren’t here to make piles of money, but rather to contribute to an industry that is ultimately about ideas and narrative. Add the word “text” in front of “book” and most of this romanticism fades. read more…

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Flipping Anthropology

Next to MOOCs, the most popular term for transforming education in 2012 was the term “flipped classroom.” While no one completely agrees on the specifics, the term generally means that an instructor will “flip instruction” so that face-2-face classroom time is used better to engage the student in an active learning process… read more…

  • dateFebruary 1, 2013
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  • posted byAnne
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