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Post-AAA Post

Another year, another AAA come and gone. It felt like one of the busiest yet—from the frenzy of pre-conference tweeting about the role of scarves in an anthropologist’s wardrobe, to the crazy long lineups for coffee in the Chicago Hilton, to the lively conversations that were brimming with creative ideas for new books and new ways of thinking about how to approach teaching. We’re exhausted, but in a good way. And we’re excited about turning some of these ideas into reality in the near future. read more…

  • dateNovember 26, 2013
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Author Interview: Paul A. Erickson and Liam D. Murphy

Paul A. Erickson (St. Mary’s University) and Liam D. Murphy (California State University, Sacramento) share the story of what inspired the first editions of their best-selling anthropological theory books (it has now been fifteen years since the initial publication of their overview text). They also discuss what they enjoy most about teaching anthropology. read more…

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