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Reflections on Arab Comics: 90 Years of Popular Culture

Who is the man behind Superman’s cape? It depends on where you read superhero comics! In Lebanon, he is Nabil Fawzi, and he was so well adapted as an Arab character, that most comic fans did not realize that he was a translation of the Anglophone Metropolis’s Clark Kent.

Brown University’s Middle East program hosted a symposium on February 27 entitled Arab Comics: 90 Years of Popular Visual Culture—a title that co-curator Mona Damluji, a historian of visual culture, described as a “provocation” to raise questions about what is Arab or not about this rich archive. read more…

  • dateMarch 9, 2015
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How I Learned to Love Comics: An Anthropology Editor Sees the Light

This post kicks off a new blog series called Graphic Adventures in Anthropology. Once a week for the next 6 weeks, a guest contributor will write about some aspect of graphic anthropology (and by “graphic” we mean drawing in general, and comics in particular), from visual culture to visual communication, and from ethnographic method to dissemination device, culminating in the announcement of a new series we are launching at the press called: ethnoGRAPHIC. Here’s the line-up… read more…

  • dateFebruary 12, 2015
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  • posted byAnne
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