cropped-barker1John Barker
Series Editor, University of British Columbia

John Barker (PhD, British Columbia, 1985) is a socio-cultural anthropologist whose main research concerns the religious change among Indigenous peoples in colonial and post-colonial Oceania and British Columbia and the history of anthropological research in Canada. He is the author of Ancestral Lines: The Maisin of Papua New Guinea and the Fate of the Rainforest and the academic editor of two series published by the University of Toronto Press: Teaching Culture and Anthropological Insights.

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1612062150339Carli Hansen
Anthropology Editor, University of Toronto Press

Carli Hansen is the acquisitions editor for anthropology and sociology texts at the University of Toronto Press. She is interested in books that engage with contemporary issues and foster greater cross-cultural understanding. Her goal is to make scholarly work accessible to students and the general public, often through creative and collaborative forms. She is the editor of several book series, including Teaching Culture, Anthropological Insights, Teaching Archaeology, and ethnoGRAPHIC.

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