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  • dateNovember 16, 2012
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Many academic presses have jumped on the textbook bandwagon these days. But not all presses are equal in the way they approach the publishing process. Some ask authors themselves to take on the work of copyediting. Others do limited promotion. Some promise fast publication, but skimp on the review process or, worse yet, bypass it all together.

At UTP we still cling to the belief that publishers are more than just packagers or distributors of books. We have an active role to play in terms of helping shape a project, maintaining scholarly and pedagogical standards, and ensuring high quality products.

Here is what you can expect from us as a publisher:

(1) Personal Attention and Editorial Support

Unlike larger presses with many titles to produce, and smaller presses with fewer resources, we offer personal editorial support for our authors. You don’t need to worry about being handed off to a lot of different people throughout the process. The editor you deal with at the proposal stage will be your personal advocate throughout the manuscript review, copyediting, production, and marketing process. We will also consult with you at every opportunity to ensure a rewarding publishing experience.

(2) High Academic and Pedagogical Standards

All of our manuscripts are peer reviewed by leading scholars and teachers in the field. A rigorous review process, including a final stamp of approval by a U of T appointed academic board, provides useful feedback for authors, while ensuring quality scholarly and pedagogical standards.

(3) High Quality Production

Books are not blogs and they should reflect that reality. Every manuscript undergoes a thorough copyedit and professional graphic designers are used to ensure the final book not only reads well, but looks good too!

(4) Timely Delivery

We commit to as quick a turnaround time as possible without sacrificing quality. The review process is dealt with quickly and efficiently. From the time we receive the final revised manuscript to having finished books (both electronic and print) you can expect an 8-10 month turnaround. If you are promised something quicker by another press, you need to enquire about peer review, copyediting, and production processes.

(5) Global Reach

UTP, although anchored in North America, offers a global marketing reach, with major UK, European, and Australian distributors. We attend key disciplinary conferences to promote our books as well as important international book fairs in London and Frankfurt. A group of dedicated sales representatives conduct in-person visits at campuses throughout Canada and the United States. Targeted email promotions supplement this as do regular mailings to our extensive mailing lists.

To learn more about publishing with the Higher Education Division, visit our website.

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