about our editor

Carli Hansen is the acquisitions editor for anthropology texts at the University of Toronto Press. She delights in the challenge of finding book projects that can translate scholarly ideas into teachable formats.

Email Carli with your editorial ideas or queries.

Teaching Culture Series Proposal Guidelines

Proposals should be between 8 and 15 pages long. They should include the following information and attachments:

1. Description of, and rationale for, the project. What is the “story” you want to tell and why is it important to tell it now?

2. Discussion of the ways in which the project seeks to address contemporary trends in both teaching and scholarship:

  • What are the challenges involved in teaching this subject matter and how does this project speak to those challenges?
  • Has any of the material been previously published? If so, how will it be reworked to fit with this project?
  • How would you characterize the contribution you are making (e.g. is it cutting edge, innovative presentation and pedagogy, a practical contribution, etc.)?

3. Annotated table of contents.

4. Non-textual elements: please include a discussion of any non-textual elements you want to include (e.g. diagrams, photos, graphics, film clips, audio clips, podcasts, websites, etc.).

  • What role will these elements play both with the book and pedagogically?
  • How important are these elements to the project as a whole?
  • How do you envision these elements being delivered (e.g. in the text, on a website, etc.)?

5. Description of the project’s potential market.

  • What is the primary market for the book? Please be specific with course names, programs, and institutions if possible.
  • What is the secondary market?

6. Estimated length of the final manuscript.

7. Estimated date for completion of the manuscript.

8. Author CV

9. A sample chapter. The series editor welcomes inquiries and book ideas, but normally only proposals that include a sample chapter will be considered for contracts.

For more information about the Teaching Culture series, visit the series page.